About us

OG 3 Three, (also known as NBA 3Three), is the jack of all trades...the don of fashion... a rapper, and the co-founder of the Never Broke Again collective. He is the business manager of the Louisiana-based rap collective known as NBA, which stands for Never Broke Again. Og3 is also a solo artist and became a rising star in southern hip-hop with tracks like "That Gang," "Wrong Wit Em," and "Gotta Survive." His creativity for the spotlight and love for rapping started at the tender age of 4. He also provides budding rappers a platform to showcase their skills on the label and elevates their brand to shine.

OG 3Three was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He grew up watching his younger brother, NBA YoungBoy, who is the star rapper of the collective. advance as a rapper, and by the end of their high school days, they'd begun the Never Broke Again collective, centered around the growing fame. OG 3Three rolled up his sleeves and performed the work as the management from the onset. He wasn't initially interested in rapping, preferring to work as a manager and administrator for the collective. In 2016, however, he contributed a verse to his brother's song "Down Chick," which began his life as a public rapper. He appeared on a few other collaborative tracks and in 2017 released "Murda," a single that attracted a lot of attention. That same year he released mixtape 3 Point Line and followed it in 2019 with two releases: Chapter 20 and All Eyez on 3. Over the next few years, he focused on singles, releasing tracks like "Bout Whatever," "Walk Down," and "Whoa."

OG 3 Three, is a serial entrepreneur with ventures focusing on brand elevation, education, fashion, artist development, and wellness.